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Dual Study Programme

Study and work


With our 3-year Dual Study Programme, Peek & Cloppenburg offers you the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Business and gain corporate experience in the fashion industry at the same time.

General qualification for university entrance and fluency in German and English language (at least level B2).

Start date:
1st of August 2017

1st – 3rd year: 1.555€

Tuition fee:
Covered by P&C
Number of accepted students per year:
Approximately 25 per year

Application period:
1st of September 2016 – 30th of March 2017

Please send your application in German language either Online or by mail to:
Peek & Cloppenburg KG
HR People & Talent Management
Sandra Wimmer
Mechelgasse 1
1030 Vienna, Austria

Contact person:
Sandra Wimmer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dual Study programme also available in my country?

Our Dual Study programme is offered exclusively in cooperation with IMC University of Applied Science Krems. Therefore, the theoretical part of this programme is only realisable in Austria. The practical part, however, can be completed in some other counties as well.

Which are the prerequisites for Dual Bachelor Students?

You should have passed your A-levels with an above-average result and share our passion for fashion. A certain sensitivity for style as well as commitment, strong communication skills and team-player skills are also in your favour. Furthermore, fluent German and English language skills (at least level B2) are essential for this programme.

How many places are there per year?

We offer 25 places per year.

In which stores can I complete the practical part of my studies?

You can gain your practical experience in any of our stores.

After my A-Levels I am going to live abroad for a year. Can I already apply for the upcoming year?

Our Dual Study Programme starts annually at the 1st of August. The application period starts in September of the previous year and ends at the 30th of June. During the application process, there are several steps that require your presence.

Is there an application deadline?

The application period of the programme starts in September and ends in June The earlier you apply the more likely you are to influence your store location.

How is the split between theoretical and practical parts during the programme organised?

The theoretical part of the study programme consists of about 6 weeks per semester and takes place at the IMC University of Applied Sciences of Krems, Lower Austria, and in Vienna. During this university-phase, you will be released from work so you can entirely focus on your classes. P&C will cover your hotel expenses during the theoretical blocks if you do not live in Krems or Vienna.

I am studying at a university right now – can I change to the Dual Study Programme?

Of course you can always apply for our programme. However, the possible recognition of ECTS has to be proved in every individual case and cannot be guaranteed.

Is it possible to attend classes at a local university to complete the theoretical part of the programme?

No. Our Dual Study Programme is offered exclusively in cooperation with IMC University of Applied Science Krems.

Which perspectives do I have after the programme?

During your second year, you will already assume responsibility as Deputy Department Manager. After the successful completion of your studies, you will start as Department Manager in one of our stores. Subsequent career perspectives are promising! Depending on your interests and performance, the next career steps could be Store Manager, Merchandise Controller or Retail Buyer – just to name a few.