Supplementary agreement - Career Ambassador

  1. In addition to your contractual obligations, you will also voluntarily take on the unremunerated activities of a career ambassador in the period from 01.08.2020 to 31.07.2021
  2. It is understood that there is no entitlement to additional remuneration for this work. The assignments as a career ambassador are carried out during your working hours and are considered to be working time. Any assignments outside of your working hours must be agreed upon with the “Employer Branding” or “Public Relations” teams and your superiors. You will be instructed to comply with breaks, rest periods and maximum working hours.
  3. All activities and assignments as a career ambassador must be agreed upon with the “Employer Branding” or “Public Relations” teams.  These teams will contact you proactively to generate input.   
  4. As a career ambassador, you are also answerable to your superior. If there is any doubt, the instructions of your superior always take precedence over any tasks as a career ambassador.
  5. If you are required to go on business trips as a career ambassador, any necessary expenditure as a result of this will be reimbursed according to the company directive for business trips.
  6. The delegation of activities as a career ambassador does not give rise to a legal claim and can be revoked at any time.