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Department Manager


We are constantly looking for remarkable personalities for extraordinary jobs and goals: People with drive, self-confidence and the courage to take alternative paths. Mainly, we are looking for managers from the fashion-industry, but also people from the service industry and fashion-newcomers.

You have several years of relevant work experience in a comparable position. You show initiative, are a teamplayer, committed, motivated, flexible and career-driven and have a great sense for style and fashion trends. You like your role as a leader but also love to take on challenges with your team.

Start date:
Anytime throughout the year
Work site:
In one of our stores

Application period:
2-3 months before desired starting date


Contact person:
Andreas Stranzinger (AT, SRB)
Eva Menschik (RO, BGR, HU, SVN, HR)
Marta Kot (PL, CZ, SVK, LTU, LVA, EST)


teaser_middle_500x650_interview_departement-manager_kalita_846006111.jpg An interview with Kalita Agnieszka

What event influenced your life the most so far?
I suppose, the event that influenced my life the most was completion of several courses at one of the best universities in Poland. This resulted in a desire of further development and improvement of my skills. While studying I also begun my adventure in the fashion industry and it was a great challenge for me to reconcile a full time job with classes schedule. However, I can definitely say that it has taught me how to organize my time properly and how to assign my priorities - especially at work.
Also, the continuous change of towns proves that I am flexible and able to quickly adapt to the surroundings and to maintain a good relationship with people I meet.

Why did you apply to P&C?
I have been working in the fashion industry for 10 years now, so while browsing through labour market I was looking for an international company with great experience and tradition, where I could develop my skills and competence. Undoubtedly, many positive opinions about Peek & Cloppenburg were very helpful in making my decision to apply for a job because they strengthened my belief that this was the company for me.

Was there any particular moment that made you realize that P&C was the company for you?
During the recruitment, the individual way of approaching the employee caught my attention. Thanks to this I could closely look at departments I was interested in and choose my career path.
Other things that strengthened the accuracy of my decision even more were both great training and development packages. The company invests in its employees no matter on which career level they currently are.

What do you like at your work and among your responsibilities?
At my work I do appreciate teamwork a lot. I think good employees are the key to success. Training and development of my team are the most important things to me.
At my daily work each day is different, each day brings new challenges and opportunities. A big advantage of my work is that it combines many aspects that are important to me such as: creativity, teamwork, employees training, reports analysis, working with the product but it also gives me the possibility to determine new goals and quickly estimate effects of this work. Thanks to working with the product ( there is a possibility of goods exchange between shops meaning sending over the products which we do not sell well and exchanging them for the products that are potential bestsellers for us) I do have a real impact on sales results of my department.
Daily work on the shop floor gives me great satisfaction also thanks to both contact with customers and mutual motivation to achieve sales targets.

In what way P&C contributed to your development?
P&C contributed to my development mostly through trainings in which I participated.
As new Department Manager I had an opportunity to attend various trainings in Vienna. Additionally I am participating at the moment in the internal "Management Development Program“ that gives me a chance to know my strengths and to work on my weaknesses by means of seminars and trainings.
I also think that P&C as an employer strongly supports its employees in achieving their career path.

What are your career goals?
My goal is the continuous development and improvement of my competence. In the future I would like to be a Store Manager, who will provide employees with such a working environment where they will be able not only to implement their passions, but also through these passions they will be achieving targets of the company. As a Manager I need to develop and support my team on a daily basis.
Teh second very important goal for me is to learn German, which will allow me to communicate fluently in our company.

What advice would you give to new employees?
If you have a passion for fashion, you like working with people and are looking for an interesting job giving you the opportunity of self-development in the international environment, P&C is the company for you! Do not hesitate any longer and take care of your development starting today!

teaser_middle_500x650_interview_departement-manager_bork_1194241293.jpg An interview with Martyna Bork

What were the highlights in your life so far?
Last year I decided to relocate from Gdańsk to Łódź. This decision changed my life very much. I realized I can easily adapt to new situations. I used this time to develop my interests and get to know better this part of Poland. A year in Łódź was an incredible and unforgettable adventure.

Why did you apply at P&C?
When I decided to work in fashion industry I searched for a company that sells something more than just clothes and at the same time offers to their employees lots of possibilities to improve themselves. Exactly in this way I perceived P&C when I apply for a position of Deputy Department Manager. After 3 years of working here I can confirm that P&C offers to their employees a workplace when they can constantly develop and widen their horizons.

Was there a specific moment when you knew P&C's right for you?
Very quickly I realized that P&C is a company for me, after a few weeks. When I started to know my new responsibilities and get to know my team I felt I am in a right place. Every day in P&C is different, there is no routine and that is what I like about this company the most.

What do you like about your job and responsibilities?
My work never bores me, because every day is different. Every delivery, customer or employee gives me new challenges that I have to face and new decisions that have to be made. As a Department Manager I have great influence on what I will sell and how I will present it. It is at the same time very demanding and exciting.

How has P&C contributed to your development so far?
From the beginning of my work for P&C I took part in several trainings and courses that let me improve my skills, both manager and leader. At the other hand, during my daily work on a sales floor I receive constant support from my supervisors and colleagues. Thanks to this I am a very self-confident person and I am aware of being a very important part of this international company.

What are your future career goals?
In the next year I would like to learn German, which is very useful in my work. I wish to become a Store Manager in one of our stores. Having more responsibility and wider range of duties are a great challenge for me.

What is your advice for new P&C employees?
If you have a true passion to work in fashion and you aren't afraid to take challenges then P&C is a perfect place for you. Just be natural and be yourself and you will succeed for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications/interests should I have?

You have gained sales experience, preferably in fashion retail in a management position with responsibility for turnover and headcount. You have a strong liking for beautiful objects and a good sense for style. You are also committed, dynamic and ambitious. A well-developed ability to think and act independently is the basic requirement for developing further in the company. We also expect you to be flexible.

How will I be trained?

During four to six months of on-the-job training you will be individually prepared for your responsibility as a department manager in one of our stores. You will grow with your tasks and receive more and more responsibility. At the same time, you will be trained in our modular courses in English language at the head office in Vienna or Düsseldorf. After you have completed your training phase, you will be responsible for a sales department.

Which opportunities for development will I have?

You will begin as a department manager and will have first-class career prospects. You could, for example, become a retail buyer or a store manager in your home country. If you are flexible and willing to move, there is even more options waiting for you abroad in all the other countries with P&C stores.

Is placement abroad possible?

Yes. If you are interested in other cultures and countries or have special language qualifications, we include these factors in your development plan. Of course we support you with language lessons and intercultural training.
You are a self-confident person and have already gained working experience in the fashion industry? You are furthermore looking for a fair payment and excellent career prospects? We at P&C are constantly looking for professionals who are willing to assume responsibility and embrace the day-to-day challenges of leading a motivated team of hundreds of employees. If you are interested, please send us a detailed application using our online form or by email.

The sales jobs at Peek & Cloppenburg

Motivated people with a finished education and some years of working experience in retail or comparable fields related to fashion are always welcome at P&C. We expect you to have a diploma from a university or university of applied sciences, to be highly motivated, to work efficiently on your own and to have an interest in fashion and lifestyle.

You can apply for the following jobs in fashion retail at all times:

  • Assistant Department Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Store Manager

The career perspectives at P&C

No matter at which level you are entering, the career perspectives at Peek & Cloppenburg are always attractive. We guarantee a secure job with an above-average income and the prospects of climbing the career ladder in an international surrounding. Becoming Country Manager in Central and Eastern Europe is only one possibility amongst many others.

After completing the 6 to 8 week (Assistant Department Manager), 12 to 16 week (Department Manager) or 6-month-long training programme (Store Manager), you will find yourself in a responsible position in one of our stores in CEE or the Peek & Cloppenburg headquarters in Vienna, Austria. From this date on, you will be faced with a huge variety of different tasks and will have the chance to contribute with your individual strenghts at Peek & Cloppenburg.