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Applicant’s Lounge

Here you can find information and recommendations regarding your application at Peek & Cloppenburg. In which job area are you interested?

Who we are looking for

You have already gained professional experience in a company? Perfect! Peek & Cloppenburg offers various opportunities for a direct-entry with the best career perspectives.


...have great communication skills.
...think and act in innovative ways.
...can see the big picture and are highly competent in implementation of projects.
...think independently and are a team-player.
...are passionate about working in the dynamic fashion retail industry.

Application process

Our application process for professionals is as individual as your personality. That is how a typical application process for your direct-entry will look like:

sichtung_icons_80806670.png You can apply online on our career website: with a cover letter, CV and copies of your recent certificates / letters of reference. As we have a multiple-step process we kindly ask you to apply 3 months before your desired starting date. rueckmeldung_icons_732748462.png After receiving your application documents they will be screened and you will hear back from us about 10-14 work days later. direkteinstieg_icons_1635999842.png If the overall impression fits with what we are looking for, you will be invited to our headquarters in Vienna for a talk with an employee from the Human Resources department. einstellungstest_icons_1849994382.png If you convinced us at the interview depending on your desired position a computer-based test might follow. direkteinstieg_icons_940614700.png In the next step you will get to know the department you are applying for and can – if desired – do 3-4 trial hours to experience the work environment. vertragsangebot_icons_1987366734.png If there is positive feedback from both sides you will receive a job offer. Congratulations!

Application hints

As a professional you already know what counts. What we at P&C are especially interested in: Your personality and how you became who you are.

Know your profile!

Search for the fit between your profile and the open position in the company and think long-term: What are your professional goals? To answer this question also critically assesses your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t just ask yourself if you fit with us, but also if we fit with you.

Leave a (career) mark!

Did you take some detours on your career path? No problem, we also want to find some experiences in your CV and are happy to get to know your story!