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Management Principles

Setting Goals Together

The common/main goal of all our employees is to assure and maintain the satisfaction of our customers. The long-term success of Peek & Cloppenburg, depends on a targeted corporate concept, the above-average performance of its employees and the quality of its management. These management principles apply to all our employees, particularly management personnel.

Working Atmosphere

Create a working atmosphere in which motivation, enthusiasm and loyalty to the company are stimulated and fostered.

Management Climate

Contribute to a management climate characterised by openness, friendliness and respect for the individual.


Enable independence, free development of employees’ abilities and attention to detail within the framework of clear areas of responsibility.


Encourage personal responsibility through agreed targets and motivate our employees to reach them.


Increase the involvement of employees in the decisionmaking process and justify and clarify decisions which have been made.


Ensure the reciprocal provision of information and communication at all levels in the course of our day-today business.


Actively cooperate in the interests of the company and maintain and foster team spirit.


Fairly and justly assess our employees’ performance, conduct and results and recognise extraordinary dedication and outstanding performance.


Encourage and nurture particularly talented and qualified employees.