Corporate Goals

The foundation of our actions

We want to be a clothing chain that serves a wide range of customers who attach particular importance to good taste and style.

Certain corporate goals are associated with this:


We practice a responsible corporate policy characterised by reliability and consistency, both internally and externally.



We achieve financial success through a distinct performance, objectivity and profit orientation.


We achieve solid, systematic growth by strengthening our market presence in existing and new locations; the security of the company and the employees’ jobs take precedence in this context.


We project an image and lifestyle through advertising and product presentation, both informatively and with the aim of shaping taste, in a balanced combination of style and price.

Product Range

We offer balanced product ranges in terms of both breadth and depth, which are constructed according to target groups, themes, style and price ranges, particularly taking into account both brand awareness and high demands regarding quality and taste.


We have buildings suited to their surroundings in the best locations which appeal to customers due to their modern, aesthetic architecture and bright, friendly interiors and fulfil the requirement of being the number one building at the location in question.


We structure our workflows, organisational processes and information systems as effectively and economically as possible.


We have motivated, knowledgeable and customer-oriented employees, who impress customers with their good taste, friendliness and helpfulness and are interested in professional success and a performance-based income.


We employ highly-qualified management personnel, who create an atmosphere of motivation, dedication, shared responsibility, loyalty and trust.

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