Student Internships

Gain exciting insights & enjoy great prospects


Start date:



For 3-6 months

Job site:

Either in the P&C headquarters in Vienna or in one of our department stores in CEE

Get exciting insights into the company


  • still attending university (2nd semester or higher)
  • Teamplayer, curious, driven and proactive
  • Excellent English skills
  • high level of German language skills – in speech and writing – if you are applying for an internship in our headquarters in Vienna

Business areas

Apply for one of the following central business areas:

  • Sales & Performance Management
  • Central Buying
  • Sales 
  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations 


After completing your studies you have the opportunity to start as Department Manager and to develop further to becoming a Merchandise Controller, (Junior) Buyer oder General Sales Manager.


Miriam Jarrouj

Miriam Jarrouj – Intern in Sales & Performance Management


What were your tasks during your internship in the Sales & Performance Management team?

The biggest part was sales-related analysis: on the one hand I got spontaneous requests from our stores if they wanted to know how their sales figures developed over time or if there is any new competitors on the market, for example. On the other hand I regularly prepared data lists or powerpoints for our stores showing the sales figures of our own brands, the inventory, etc.

What was your highlight during your internship?

The great relationship I could build with the store manager and the employees from the stores. It is a great feeling when you call a store and they greet you with a warm-hearted hello and give you the feeling that you are welcome.

What was your biggest success?

My biggest success in regards to this internship was that I was not “just” the intern, but was seen as a very valuable team member – just like everyone else. It was good to be solely responsible for tasks and to be seen as someone who actively contributes to the success of the team.

What was most fun about your internship?

I enjoyed in general to go to work every day. It’s a natural consequence of feeling that your team mates trust you and if you need something you can always ask questions. At this point I want to give a big THANK YOU to my team as they really were the greatest!

Frequently asked questions

For how long can I do an internship?

The minimum time should be 3 months. The maximum would be about 6 months. 

When does the internship start, which departments are possible and what does the internship involve?

An internship with our company can be started any time. It is possible in the following core business areas of Peek & Cloppenburg KG: Sales, Buying, P&C Academy, Employer Branding/Human Resources and PR. An internship in sales is possible in all our department stores, whereas the others are taking place in our headquarters in Vienna. You will gain various insights into the processes and structures of our company, as well as become part of day-to-day business and own project-related tasks. Within the frame of your own projects you will have the chance to contribute your knowledge and skills. Thereby we put great focus on self-reliance, engagement and communication skills.

When should I apply?

Applications can be submitted at any time. We do not have standardized starting dates for internships. Please note that you should submit your application at least three months prior to your desired starting date.

What qualifications and interests should I have?

To start an internship with our company, you should ideally have already completed the first two semesters of your course of study (e.g. in business management).Ideally, specification within your studies matches the internship you are applying for.
You should share our enthusiasm for fashion and lifestyle, however analytical skills are assured. Communication skills, commitment, team and customer orientation are of most value for us.

What does the selection procedure look like?

First we preselect based on the submitted applications. In a second step you will be invited to a single or group interview to our headquarter in Vienna.

Is an internship abroad possible?

We offer internships in the sales department in our Polish stores.
Furthermore, we offer internships in central buying and human resources in Austria. In this case, excellent German and English language skills are required.

Will I be paid during my internship?

At Peek & Cloppenburg we always pay interns.

Contact person

Ursula Trummler
Ursula Trummler

Recruiting and Development of Student Interns


You are currently attending university and are interested in working in the fashion business afterwards? Perfect! Then start your career with one of our internships in fashion at Peek & Cloppenburg. Since many years, P&C is offering fashion internships to young and open-minded students. If you want to apply, please use our online form or send your CV and a letter of motivation by email.

What are we looking for?

P&C is always looking to strengthen our team with highly motivated employees for all entry-levels. If you are a university student e.g. in business management, in your 2nd semester or higher and you want to find out what the future holds, then please send us a detailed application and the earliest possible starting date.

We expect the students doing a fashion internship at Peek & Cloppenburg to be open minded, to have a general interest in fashion and lifestyle and to be excellent team players. You should also have high-level language skills in both English and German (spoken and written).

What will you do during your fashion internship?

As a part of our team you will either work in one of our department stores in Central and Eastern Europe or at the Peek & Cloppenburg headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Our interns are recruited for central business areas of P&C, such as Sales, Recruiting, Employer Branding, Central Buying or Expansion.

Starting dates are all year long, the internship in fashion usually takes two to six months. If you are interested in a further engagement with Peek & Cloppenburg after your internship, we have the pleasure to inform you about the opportunities to start a formation in fashion with the perspectives of attending our Trainee Programme or a further development to Department manager.

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