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Trainee program for graduates

  Responsibility from day one



18 Months

Trainees per year:

4-6 each year in Germany

4-6 each year in Austria


Submit your resume 3-4 months in advance

Trendsetter or Manager? Planner or doer? Junior Buyer or General Sales Manager? We'll find out together.

In our trainee program, you will gain in-depth insights into our core areas and, in the last third of the program, as a department manager in sales, you will already take full responsibility for the goods, sales and your team. An open-ended contract gives you planning security and seminars, mentoring and individual support in your decision: buying or retail?

Interested in our trainee program for graduates?

Ready for responsibility?

Trainee program in Germany


Have you finished your studies yet? Find out more about your options as a trainee at P&C Düsseldorf 

Trainee program in Austria


Make a career as a Junior Buyer or General Sales Manager with our trainee program in Austria. 

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