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Store Management Programme


Complete our store management programme and prepare for your future role as a general sales manager at one of our P&C stores in Poland or Romania


Start date:

any time


18 months

Deadline for applications:

at least 3 months prior to the requested start date

What you can expect

  • A unique programme of continuing education specifically designed to prepare you for your future role as a general sales manager at one of our P&C stores in Poland or Romania.
  • Diverse seminars and individual assistance and support from our Sales and HR team
  • After successfully completing the programme, you will take on full responsibility as a general sales manager.

What we expect from you

  • Several years of experience in an executive position, ideally in the textiles industry, FMCG or service sector
  • Degree in Business Administration or comparable education
  • Passion for fashion and lifestyle
  • Great customer and service orientation
  • High level of commitment, initiative and hands-on mentality
  • Excellent command of German and English



Phase 1: In the first six months, you will start with intensive on-the-job training working in Sales at our two stores in Poland or Romania as well as at our head office in Vienna. During this phase you will become acquainted with the basics of your activities at P&C – our warehouses, our customers, the industry sector and our company. As a future executive, you will learn a lot about personnel management and sales organisation. You will get to know every little detail to ensure that the big picture is right in the end. In addition, in accompanying seminars you will find out a lot about our goods, how to deal with customers and colleagues – and perhaps even some surprising things about yourself.


Phase 2: 

Finally, the time has come to really prove yourself. For the first time, you will assume responsibility and independently manage a sales department: with your own team, own budget and your own space! You deal with plans of action, motivate your colleagues and constantly keep an eye on the sales figures and development of sales. Your area of responsibility includes assortment management as well as product display, and first and foremost service to our customers! You ensure that our visitors remember us as great hosts.
Once you have successfully completed this period as a department manager, you will start as a general sales manager.

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Application Process

Apply online: with a cover letter, CV and the relevant certificates.

You will receive a response after approx. 10 business days.

Personal meeting with the corresponding recruiter.

Information day at one of our stores.

Personal meeting with the recruiter and the regional sales manager.

Receipt of contract offer.

Frequently asked questions

What prerequisites/interests are expected?

Several years of professional experience in a comparable position, enjoyment of personnel management, analytical skills, empathy, strong leadership skills, service orientation, and flexibility.

Does the Store Management Programme last exactly 18-24 months?

Yes, the programme is optimally designed to prepare you for the corresponding target position within 18-24 months. At the same time, we will always coordinate the programme with you on an individual basis and will take your previous experience, desired development, and performance and development during the programme into consideration. In particular, your previous experience in retail as well as your know-how in your specific department of specialisation will decide on the individual course you take within the programme. For example, after the first 6 months in the Store Management Programme, several weeks of targeted preparation for your first leadership responsibility (department management) can be included as an additional supplement. For us and for you, it is of vital importance that you are ideally prepared for your target position and are able to further grow in the corresponding development positions.

Are there any possibilities for assignments abroad?

Assignments abroad are not planned during the Store Management Programme. However, if you have good command of the language of a specific country, all our corresponding locations are available to you as potential workplaces after completion of the programme. If your career plan includes an assignment abroad, we will gladly support you with language courses and intercultural training.

Am I able to take part in decision-making regarding the places of employment?

You should always have a high degree of flexibility, including when it comes to your place of employment. Unfortunately, however, we cannot always guarantee that you will be able to specify the exact location. We will try to meet your requests.

What are the chances of continued employment after the Store Management Programme?

Higher than average! We assign our general sales manager positions as needed. If your performance is right, you will have optimum chances for continued employment and will start as a general sales manager after the programme.

Contact Person

Karin Zwettler
Karin Zwettler

Recruiting and Development

Regions: Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia

Anna Parowinska
Anna Parowinska

Recruiting and Development

Regions: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia

Give your career a boost with Peek & Cloppenburg


Whether you are a beginner or an emerging expert: if you want to work in the fashion industry, then Peek & Cloppenburg is the right place for you. As an internationally operating fashion company, we offer a wide array of jobs that will enable you to work in the business of fashion. Our goal with the Store Management Programme is to provide you with an insight into the fashion world that is as comprehensive as possible.


A Store Management Programme that pays off! With the Store Management Programme, you will accelerate your career in fashion and subsequently enter directly as a store manager with P&C. And thanks to the clear structure of the programme, reliable target positions and individual support, nothing will stand in the way of your career in the fashion business.


At Peek & Cloppenburg we know: what really matters are the people who work in our company. It is only their ideas and commitment that make our success possible. This is why we offer a Store Management Programme that allows talents in Poland and Romania to get a kickstart each year. Within 18-24 months, you will be able to learn everything you need to work in sales. You will be provided with exciting insights into all the important areas of the company, will assume responsibility early on and will immediately put what you have learned to practical use. In addition, we offer you a varied framework programme with plenty of interesting seminars, amazing offers for further education, exchange options with other store managers and networking opportunities in the fashion world.

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