Malgorzata Lorek

Merchandise Controller, Vienna

Malgorzata Lorek

What have been the highlights of your life so far?

One of my highlights was my exchange semester to Paris, which made me open up to different cultures – this was when I decided I wanted to work for an international company, which I found with P&C. 
Another highlight was moving from Warsaw to Krakow for my job, as moving cities taught me to adapt quickly to new environments and situations.

Why did you apply to work at P&C?

I actually started at P&C with an internship when I was studying Management and Economy, because I wanted to gain experience by working at the biggest fashion retailer around. In addition, P&C had a reputation for being a great employer. Once I started working there, I realised how much I love the combination of fashion and management, and decided to stay.

Was there a specific moment when you knew P&C was right for you?

I had this first moment when I was doing my internship and realised how right it feels when a satisfied customer thanks you.
The second moment I knew P&C was right for me was when I was invited to participate in the management development programme. This provided me with confirmation that I fit in, and proof that the company valued my work. It was good to see that P&C recognised my potential and wanted to invest in my development.

What do you like about your job and responsibilities?

I started as a Merchandise Controller a few months ago. Although I am still in training, I have already been able to actively participate in the collection planning process. I like the fact that I am able to set the budget for the new collection on the basis of the previous season, and in some way make decisions about the brand and product portfolio in our 42 stores internationally. This requires being focused on numbers, but also analysing trends, competiton and market potential. When the collection arrives at the stores in a few months and the season kicks off successfully, I will feel very proud for having been part of this process!

How has P&C contributed to your development so far?

I have been working at P&C for five years already, and over this period I have been able to develop personally and professionally. When I had just graduated from university aged 24, I was given the responsibility of being in charge of one of the sales departments. Holding a management position at such a young age made me “grow up” with the company. Additionally, P&C provides many training opportunities that contribute to both professional and personal development. I have also had the chance to work with fantastic, experienced people from whom I am able to learn and who motivate me, and this allows me to set new challenges for myself.

What are your future career goals?

A few months ago I moved from Warsaw to Vienna, where I began working at the Central Buying Department for Austria and CEE. This means that I have achieved my most recent goal, and it’s time to raise the bar! Right now I am fully focused on completing my Merchandise Controller training, in order to be ready for the position and do my best in the very near future. What’s next? There are still a lot of possibilities within the company, so let’s see what will happen!

What is your advice for new P&C employees?

Be self-driven, show engagement, work in a goal-oriented manner and communicate your ideas. Also, it is very important to be friendly – not only to the customers but also to your team; you will soon grow into the P&C family, so create a friendly atmosphere with your workmates.

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