Marina Bakula

General Sales Manager, Croatia

Marina Bakula“They all knew me when I was a student and worked part-time – now I am store manager.”

A passion for fashion and for figures were just two of the key pieces Marina Bakula brought to Peek & Cloppenburg on her first day of work. Paired with the motivation to keep learning and a professed taste for teamwork, she showcased her talents in a number of departments. P&C has proven the perfect fit for her career ambitions.

Was there a specific moment when you knew P&C was right for you?

My first day of work at P&C was the second day after the first store in Croatia opened. I started just a few days after the job interview. The store was literally teeming with customers; we almost ran out of merchandise. I remember how happy I was after I sold my first item, a pair of shoes. This was the first of many wonderful moments of success I’ve had at P&C.

Why did you apply to work at P&C?

After completing my university studies in business administration, I was convinced I wanted to stay with the company. I really enjoy working with people in a team, I have always loved fashion and P&C is a reliable and socially responsible employer offering a vast scope of possibilities for professional development.

How has P&C contributed to your development so far?

During my career at P&C, I’ve had the opportunity to work at all the stores in the Republic of Croatia, and I am extremely proud of this. Each one of them holds a special meaning for me and has contributed to my professional and personal development. As a store manager, I got the chance to be part of the team for the opening of two stores in Croatia, and I can say that this is a remarkable experience. The pride, excitement and enthusiasm you feel when the first customers enter the new store is simply indescribable!
Each new store means a new beginning, new people, a new challenge and a new experience.

What do you like about your job and responsibilities?

After 9 years at Peek & Cloppenburg, the dynamism of my daily work and my passion for fashion have not diminished. Chasing goals and results and the possibility to learn something new every day still makes me happy!
Fashion is a “living thing”. This, and the fact that I work with many different people, makes every day unique and unpredictable.
I have learned for myself that the greatest challenge in my job is being a good role model for my team. The work atmosphere, my team’s motivation and whether or not we achieve the desired results is something I try to influence every day in a positive way.
It is a great responsibility, but an even greater challenge. And precisely this is my biggest motivation!

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