Marta Sukiennik

Department Manager, Poland

Marta Sukiennik

What have been the highlights of your life so far?

The last few years have been packed with highlights for me, to be honest: I got married and will soon have my first baby. On the professional side of things, my most recent highlight was my promotion from my role as an Assistant Department Manager in Katowice to Department Manager in Breclav, which means taking on another challenge.

Why did you apply to work at P&C?

First of all, P&C appealed to me as an employer in the fashion industry, as they are a huge international company with a wide range of brands, which makes the work interesting. I had also heard that P&C offers their employees a lot of opportunities for development and learning. And after more than two years at P&C, I have to say that this has proven to be true.

Was there a specific moment when you knew P&C was right for you?

That moment was during my training to become Department Manager. I was at a point where I simply wanted to learn, meet new people and improve my skills – and all this was made possible. I was given the chance to grow and develop. For me this training period was a real adventure.

What do you like about your job and responsibilities?

I really enjoy working with our clients as this makes every day different; this is the best thing about my job. You always work with new people and you have frequent contact with the buyers at the headquarters, which means you are able to directly influence the merchandise you receive. I also like working with numbers and our internal systems to keep track of the merchandise.
Responsibilities include personnel planning, ensuring there is enough merchandise in your department, keeping track of which products sell well and which ones don’t sell quite so much, and adjusting accordingly. You are also in charge of the merchandise on the floor – when you get new merchandise, you switch up your department so that it looks as appealing as possible. This is actually my favourite part of my job, as it allows me to be creative.

How has P&C contributed to your development so far?

As I mentioned before, P&C contributed to both my professional and my personal growth when I took part in the department manager training. Gaining all the knowledge and skills made me more confident and mature. Thanks to P&C, I realised that I am a valuable employee. P&C gives their employees a lot of responsibility (even in assistant department manager roles), and this makes you grow into your position.

What are your future career goals?

Right now I want to develop my current department, increase sales and focus on becoming a great department manager. For me, this means I want to build a great relationship with my employees and train them as well as I was trained.

What is your advice for new P&C employees?

Be yourself and work hard – then you’ll achieve something at P&C!

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