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Product Safety & Social Responsibility

Socially responsible action is a core element within Peek & Cloppenburg’s corporate philosophy. The company places a high value on being able to offer customers only goods which have been manufactured under humane conditions, according to the employment protection regulations of the relevant countries, and in a way that protects the environment.

Sustainable Action and Environmental Protection 

In its German stores, Peek & Cloppenburg levies a charge of 20 cents per plastic carrier bag as a commitment to protecting the environment. In this way, the company aims to raise awareness of packaging material and to encourage the reuse of carrier bags. The carrier bags are manufactured in a climate-neutral way with the CO2 emissions from their manufacture being set off against the purchasing of CO2 emission rights from high-quality climate protection projects. Peek & Cloppenburg has selected a project in Brazil. Its engagement in this project helps protect areas in the Brazilian Amazon against deforestation and promotes sustainable management according to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) regulations.

Social Responsibility 

As an internationally operating fashion company, Peek & Cloppenburg are aware of the issues around working conditions in specific producing countries. The company therefore takes its responsibility seriously and works in partnership to secure good working conditions. In this regard, Peek & Cloppenburg set up a monitoring scheme as early as 1997 whereby specialists inspect working conditions and recommended improvements when required. Since 2003, Peek & Cloppenburg has been part of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) organised by a large number of European retailers for the implementation and monitoring of social standards.
Furthermore, the company rejects dumping wages and pays its suppliers fair prices to enable sufficient pay for local workers. Suppliers are required to guarantee, at the least, the statutory minimum wage as well as all statutory required benefits such as overtime pay, holiday allowances and the payment of all social security contributions.
Peek & Cloppenburg is against any form of child labour. Suppliers are required to sign the BSCI’s Code of Conduct to confirm that they adhere to the prescribed rules on preventing child labour. 

Product Security 

Peek & Cloppenburg’s procurement policy is subject to careful control and exceptionally high standards which significantly exceed statutory requirements. Prior to working with Peek & Cloppenburg, suppliers must contractually guarantee the delivery of products that have no risk to health. Own-brand products also undergo testing in special laboratories for specific pollutants prior to delivery. Furthermore, samples of products are regularly tested according to the strict criteria of the Ökotex-Standards 100.

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