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Who We Are & What Sets Us Apart


We offer an exciting and varied work environment in which you will be entrusted with a high level of autonomy from the very beginning. All those who work at P&C soon develop a high regard for the combination of team spirit and hands-on mentality at the company. Everyone pitches in at our family-run business. Here, a wide range of personalities work together with dedication and passion. To us, being a team player is just as important as demonstrating a high level of performance and individual commitment. The unique way in which we work together is what sets P&C apart from the rest. To allow our employees to tap into their full potential, we offer them the best training and development opportunities available, as well as numerous benefits.



Fashion is our business, and aesthetics is a passion shared by all P&C employees. In addition to being a reliable, growing company, our ability to think commercially and use performance indicators as the basis for our decisions are the keys to our success. An understanding of commerce is ingrained in the company, and gives us the space to be innovative: combining our aesthetic awareness with our entrepreneurial know-how enables P&C to tap into its full potential.



More than almost any other branch, fashion retail is subject to constant change – and yet the company has been growing steadily and continuously for over 110 years. Celebrated for our systematic approach and our excellent understanding of how the fashion industry develops, P&C is always progressing and preserving best practices while steering sustainably towards the future.



P&C is highly multi-faceted, which means that we are able to offer a wide range of opportunities – whether in buying and sales, at the headquarters or in our numerous affiliated companies. The teams that work on our projects are interdisciplinary, meaning that they can pool their diverse expertise to rise to any challenge they may face and always find the best possible solution.



All those who work at P&C soon develop a high regard for the combination of team spirit and hands-on mentality at the company. Whenever we work together, our dedication and passion shine through. To us, being a team player is just as important as demonstrating a high level of performance, individual commitment and a willingness to accept responsibility.

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What we stand for 

The common goal of all our employees is to assure and maintain customer satisfaction. The long-term success of Peek & Cloppenburg is dependent on a targeted visionary concept, the above-average performance of its employees and the quality of its management. These management principles apply to all our employees, and to management personnel in particular.

Our management principles 

Work environment

Create a work environment in which motivation, enthusiasm and loyalty to the company are stimulated and fostered.

Leadership climate

Set an example by contributing to a leadership climate characterised by openness, friendliness and respect for the individual.


Enable independence, the free development of employees’ abilities and attention to detail within the framework of clear areas of responsibility.


Encourage personal responsibility through agreed targets and motivate our employees to reach these targets.


Increase the involvement of employees in the decision-making process, and justify and clarify decisions that are made.


Talk to your employees – all of them. Ensure the reciprocal provision of information and communication at all levels in the course of our day-to-day business.


Actively cooperate in the interests of the company and maintain and foster team spirit.


Fairly and justly assess employees’ performance, conduct and results, and give recognition to extraordinary dedication and outstanding performance.


Seek out, encourage and nurture particularly talented and qualified employees.

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