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You have high expectations for yourself and your job? Well, so do we.
As a store manager you act as an entrepreneur within our enterprise and take responsibility for one of our stores.
We are looking for professionals with experience who have a passion for working with people, an enthusiasm for fashion and numbers and a hands-on mentality.

  • University degree combined with several years of experience in a management position in a service-oriented segment.
  • Experience in leading and managing people.
  • Solid overview on the local fashion retail market.
  • Good understanding of visual merchandising concepts.
  • Very good knowledge of German and / or English Language.
Start date:
To be agreed on an individual basis.

Work site:
In one of our stores

Application period:
4-5 months before your desired starting date

Online or by email

Contact person:
Corinna Gerl



“They all knew me when I was a student and worked part-time - now I am store manager.” - Marina Bakula, Storemanager in Zagreb, Croatia

A passion for fashion and for figures were just two of the key pieces Marina Bakula brought to Peek & Cloppenburg on her first day of work. Paired with the motivation to keep learning and a professed taste for teamwork, she showcased her talents in a number of departments. P&C has proven the perfect fit for her career ambitions.

Was there a specific moment when you knew P&C's right for you?

My first day of work at P&C was the second day after the first store in Croatia opened. I started just a few days after the job interview. The store was literally teeming with customers, we almost ran out of merchandise. I remember how happy I was after I sold my first item, a pair of shoes. This was the first of the many best moments of success I’ve had at P&C.

Why did you apply at P&C?

After completing my university studies in business administration, I was convinced I wanted to stay with the company. I really enjoy working with people in a team, I have always loved fashion and P&C is a reliable and socially responsible employer offering a vast scope of possibilities for professional development.

How has P&C contributed to your development so far?

During my career at P&C I’ve had the opportunity to work in all stores of the Republic of Croatia and I am extremely proud of that. Each one of them has a special meaning for me and has contributed to my professional and personal development. As a store manager I got the chance to be part of the team for the opening of two stores in Croatia and I can say that this is a remarkable experience. The pride, excitement and enthusiasm you feel when the first customers enter the new store is simply indescribable!
Each new store means a new beginning, new people, a new challenge and a new experience.

What do you like about your job and responsibility?

After 9 years at Peek & Cloppenburg the dynamic of my daily work and my passion for fashion has not diminished. Chasing goals and results and the possibility to learn something new every day still makes me happy!
Fashion is a “living thing". This fact and that I am working with many different people makes every day unique and unpredictable.
I have learned for myself that the greatest challenge of my work is to be a good role model for my team. The work atmosphere, the motivation of my team and whether we achieve desired results or not is something I am trying to influence every day in a positive way.
It is a great responsibility, but even a greater challenge. Exactly this is my biggest motivation!

Interview with Tudor Dobre - Storemanager from Romania

What were the highlights in your life so far?

For me my biggest achievement so far actually is my career path as I am working in the fashion industry for over 10 years now. In the meantime I made it from a sales assistant during my university studies to a sales manager for the best fashion retail store in Romania. My career gave me the opportunity to grow as a person and interact with many different people from different cultures which I enjoy very much.

Why did you apply at P&C?

I used to come to P&C many times before I got hired here, because back then I worked in the same shopping mall for another company. I very much liked the P&C concept and saw it as a big challenge to work in such a big multi-label store.

Was there a specific moment when you knew P&C's right for you?

I knew that P&C was the right choice for me during my training period when I started to understand the P&C philosophy and the values of our company, such as respect for one another, caring about the employees, being open-minded, etc. Another important factor was that I immediately liked the people I worked with and that I knew I could learn a lot from them.

What do you like about your job and responsibilities?

I like the fashion business and working with people in general so I’m happy in my job. I also love being in a leader role and enjoy maintaining a good relationship with the employees. The best part for me is working side by side with my team on the sales floor.

How has P&C contributed to your development so far?

P&C is a complex and dynamic business – there is always something new you can learn. I personally was trained for 3 months in 3 different countries and had the opportunity to meet different store managers with different ways to look at things and different management styles. I was able to come back to my store in Romania and apply all the accumulated knowledge from my training period. I felt really well prepared for my task and also had strong support from my Country Manager and my colleagues.

What are your future career goals?

For now I want to further develop myself as a Store Manager and reach my full potential in this position. Right now my challenge is that I am Store Manager in one of our brand new stores in Romania, so I want to make the best out of it!

What is your advice for new P&C employees?

My advice would be to be aware of P&C’s values and to take them serious as they will help you in growing both professionally and personally.
You need to take your job serious, be open to changes, be proactive and ambitious but most of all: you need to believe that you can become better and better every day!

“I love how P&C always offers you possibilities to improve and prove yourself” - Dorota Kulesza, Storemanager in Latvia

Why did you apply at P&C?

I’ve always loved fashion and longed for a job in which I could make use of this passion every day. After finishing my degree I started working in a Polish brand store. I knew back then that my future lay in the fashion industry, preferably in a management position. And this is exactly why I applied at P&C – they offer a broad range of career opportunities and invest in their employees’ training and knowledge.

Was there a specific moment when you knew P&C was right for you?

I think I knew from the moment I came across P&C’s job offer a few years ago that this will be right for both my personal and professional development. Today I know that choosing this job was the best decision I could have made and I am looking forward to what the future at P&C will hold for me.

What do you like about your job and responsibilities?

I like that I can live my passion for teamwork and for numbers on a daily basis. When I was managing a department for 3 years in a Polish P&C store I loved my daily tasks as I’m a team player. Of course I also loved everything which had to do with our merchandise: structure and optimisation of the departments, visual merchandising and the merchandise analysis. During my time as department manager I gained a lot of experience and insights which help me with my current new challenge: I became a Store Manager in Riga and I love my new position! Now my main tasks are planning, controlling, analysing the merchandise assortment and development of the employees. With the help of my team I am trying to develop the store’s potential and to create an atmosphere where our clients feel at ease and love to shop.

How has P&C contributed to your development so far?

I have always been supported by my superiors and this helped me to strengthen my own leadership skills. Then, in September 2013 I was invited to participate in the Management Development Programme in Vienna. This time gave me the opportunity to reflect on myself and rediscover my strengths and weaknesses.
P&C also prepared me for my position as a Store Manager with a specific preparation course. In the so-called Store-Manager-course I learned about my future tasks and got perfectly prepared for the role.
I am really grateful that P&C takes good care of their employees and supports them in their career paths.

What are your wishes for your future development? What are you future career goals?

Since I started at P&C I always knew I wanted to become a Store Manager one day. Now that I’ve reached this goal I have a next one: I want to learn how to do my job real great and want to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible to constantly improve.

What’s your advice to new P&C employees?

P&C is the right choice for creative people who are performance-driven and always keen on improving further.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications/interests should I have?

You have a university degree (preferably in Economics) combined with several years of experience in a management position in a service-oriented segment or retail, ideally in the area of fashion. Experience in leading and managing people and a solid overview on the local fashion retail market, competitors and the general lifestyle environment is something you bring to the table. You combine a highly professional appearance with in-depth social and communication skills, team orientation, organisational and analytical abilities. Furthermore you dispose of a good understanding of visual merchandising concepts and a very good knowledge of German and / or English Language.

How will I be trained?

During about six months of on-the-job training you will be individually prepared in stores on your local market but also in our international stores abroad. You will grow with your tasks and receive more and more responsibility over time. At the same time, you will be trained in our modular courses in German language at the head office in Vienna or Düsseldorf. After you have completed your training phase, you will be responsible for a store.

Which opportunities for development will I have?

You will begin as a store manager and will have first-class career prospects – even more so if you are flexible regarding to location as there is many career options waiting abroad in the other P&C markets. You could, for example, become a Store Director in the medium-term or a Country Manager in the long-term.

Is placement abroad possible?

Yes. If you are interested in other cultures and countries or have special language qualifications, we include these factors in your development plan. Of course we support you with language lessons and intercultural training.

What is the application process?

Peek & Cloppenburg wants to take the time to get to know you – and to give you the time to get to know the company. Consequently there is a multiple-stage process consisting of 4-5 steps, which means it is the best to apply 4-5 months before the desired starting-date.

The selection process consists of the following steps:

  • An interview with the Head of HR People & Talent Management Sales, Ms. Behija Karup.
  • A sneak-peek into the business, including a meeting with your potential colleagues
  • An interview with your direct superior
  • A meeting with the Managing Board
  • Several testings
You are a self-confident person and have already gained working experience in the fashion industry? You are furthermore looking for a fair payment and excellent career prospects? We at P&C are constantly looking for professionals who are willing to assume responsibility and embrace the day-to-day challenges of leading a motivated team of hundreds of employees. If you are interested, please send us a detailed application using our online form or by email.

The sales jobs at Peek & Cloppenburg

Motivated people with a finished education and some years of working experience in retail or comparable fields related to fashion are always welcome at P&C. We expect you to have a diploma from a university or university of applied sciences, to be highly motivated, to work efficiently on your own and to have an interest in fashion and lifestyle.

You can apply for the following jobs in fashion retail at all times:

  • Assistant Department Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Store Manager

The career perspectives at P&C

No matter at which level you are entering, the career perspectives at Peek & Cloppenburg are always attractive. We guarantee a secure job with an above-average income and the prospects of climbing the career ladder in an international surrounding. Becoming Country Manager in Central and Eastern Europe is only one possibility amongst many others.

After completing the 6 to 8 week (Assistant Department Manager), 12 to 16 week (Department Manager) or 6-month-long training programme (Store Manager), you will find yourself in a responsible position in one of our stores in CEE or the Peek & Cloppenburg headquarters in Vienna, Austria. From this date on, you will be faced with a huge variety of different tasks and will have the chance to contribute with your individual strenghts at Peek & Cloppenburg.